MM squared session

Ken Waxman schrieb über zwei individuelle CD Veröffentlichungen von Matthias Müller (Rupp/Müller/Fischerlehner - Tingtingk - Gligg 017) und Matthias Muche (Muche/Zoubek/Tang - Excerpts from Anything - CS 192):

"For outsiders, the fact that two German trombonists prominent in improvised music share the same first name and a similar sounding second one is aggravating yet heartening. It’s aggravating because for non-German speakers the two are easily confused; it’s heartening because on the evidence of these CDs both do fine work as part of first-class ensembles…In truth it appears as if either of the similarly named trombonists could, without too much of a strain, play with the other’s musical mates. Or perhaps a future MM squared session could be arranged."

Here we are! 

Matthias Müller        (trombone) 

Matthias Muche        (trombone)