Jeb Bishop - Matthias Müller - Matthias Muche
This trio of trombonists Jeb Bishop, Matthias Müller und Matthias Muche plays music that ranges from sound-sculpture noise drones to walls-of-Jericho-collapsing blasts to delicate webs of air and tone, resonating overtones with layered articulations. Pushing the acoustic properties of the instrument and the physicality of the players to their limits and beyond, the musicians put their archaic contraption through the bone mill, pulverizing it, sublimating it, and breathing new life into it, all in the spirit of Vinko Globokar's remark that a musical instrument is not a sacrosanct object, but merely an extension of the body.

Matthias Muche and Matthias Müller form the duo MM-SQUARED SESSION.
"The two musicians share not just their first names and last initials, but a remarkably similar aesthetic approach to playing the trombone. Their music – completely improvised – makes use of every available extended technique, sometimes sounding like electronic music, sometimes taking melodic and rhythmic ideas from jazz and spinning them into something else. Some passages are reminiscent of Sciarrino or Lachenmann." (Rui Eduardo Paes, in Jazz.pages, reviewing the duo's CD, MM-SQUARED SESSION.)

In a trio with the American trombonist Jeb Bishop, they released the CD Konzert für Hannes (Not Two). This had originally been planned as a quartet, also including the unforgettable Johannes Bauer – who, tragically, passed away on 6 May 2016, the day of the performance that was issued as the CD.

In his review of Konzert für Hannes at, Juhász László writes:
"Those who know Johannes Bauer's work over the last 40-plus years know that his playing was deeply rooted in jazz – no matter what he played, the swing and drive of jazz was always there. Bishop, Müller and Muche bring this to their playing, taking the instrument itself as a main source of inspiration, turning it around and reflecting Bauer's playing, but at a respectful distance. The legend isn't there with them on the stage, and yet in fact he very much is.Konzert für Hannes is a first-class, fascinating, intense work; even without knowing the story behind it, it is heart-rending. An exceptional album containing 45 minutes of exceptional music."

Bishop, Müller and Muche create a wide spectrum of sound, from intimate simplicity to expansive soundscapes, with an enormous variety of harmony, melody, rhythm, noise, and color.

Jeb Bishop is considered one of the pre-eminent trombonists in improvised music and creative jazz. He has played with Peter Brötzmann’s Chicago Tentet, Ken Vandermark's Territory Band and Vandermark Five, and with Globe Unity Orchestra. The Chicago Sun-Times has called him "one of the best-kept secrets in American jazz. 

23.08. BE-Antwerp, Summer Bummer Festival
30.08. FR-Mulhouse, Météo Festival/La Filature
31.08. NL-Groningen, Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour
01.09. NL-Amsterdam,  De Roze Tanker
03.09. DE-Köln, Kunsthaus Troisdorf
04.09. NO-Trondheim, Fri Form
05.09. SI-Ljubljana, Klub Gromka
11.09. SW-Gothenburg, Brötz
12.09. SW-Halmstad
13.09. DE-Berlin, Jazzkeller 69/Aufsturz (supported by Musikfonds und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien)
14.09. DE-Bochum, Kunstmuseum